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This journey is an invitation to experiencing moments of happiness, idling, dreaming, exploring, encountering, conversing, sharing, healing.

This journey is about memories of a lifetime and some best kept secrets.

La coralina

Package One

Nestled in a unique Bay, caressed by the tides of the turquoise sea, and cradled among the dunes of fine white sand, La Coralina Island House stands as an idyllic paradise for souls united in love.


Package Two

Anchored on the shores of Paunch Beach, where coconut trees sway under the sun and sea breeze, our Beach Club awaits for your wedding ceremony.

This journey extends a heartfelt invitation to embrace moments of pure happiness, leisurely idling, vivid dreaming, adventurous exploration, meaningful encounters, enriching conversations, profound sharing, and soulful healing. It's a path that weaves together unforgettable memories, forming a tapestry of a lifetime, while also revealing some of the most cherished and well-guarded secrets.

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