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A sacred place, hidden in the tropical rainforest where guests come to wind down, learn about their bodies, and delve into themselves to discover insights and live a better life. La Coralina Island Spa embraces ancient healing rituals from all around the world.

Treatments- La Coralina


A holistic perspective on wellness.

Our therapies artfully blend locally sourced, healing ingredients to create a harmonious experience for body, mind & soul.

Retreats - La Coralina


A sanctuary of serenity.

A collection of carefully curated retreats that provide the perfect escape from the ordinary.
Rejuvenation for the body and mind, a deeper connection with nature, and transformative experiences.

La Coralina Island House - Wellness Yoga Deck

Yoga Deck

Daily Delights.

From Monday to Sunday at varied times throughout the day, discover our unique agenda of activities to enjoy during your stay

La Coralina Island House - Wellness Atelier

La Coralina`s Atelier

A curated collection of our favorite things from around the world, carrying the secrets and treasures that we have encountered during our journeys.

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