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Coral Nation: Creating Sustainable Communities in Bocas del Toro

The sea is our home.

There is no need for luxury and planetary responsibility to work separately.
We believe it is possible to offer a majestic service without neglecting the environment, making well-being complete for everyone but also for the one-and-only environment that surrounds us, protecting our biodiversity.

At Coralina Island House, we are proudly founding members of Coral Nation, a non-profit organization committed to preserving marine ecosystems through the engagement of local communities and scientific research.

If we can restore our reefs, we will be able to bring back diverse fish populations, which have a direct impact on the nutritional and economic impact of our neighbors. We are regenerating damaged coral reefs by establishing ocean and land-based coral nurseries.

But that is not it.

We also offer activities outside the association, where visitors become helpers in the care of the island. Tasks such as cleaning the reef or accumulating reserve rainwater become experiences that generate impact and awareness in those who visit the island, understanding that when visiting a paradise and ecological reserves, there is maintenance, care, commitment, and respect for the astonishing environment.

One Ocean. One Future. One Tribe. One Nation.

It's all a question of balance and feedback: The earth gives to us, and we give back to the earth.

If you want to take action, you can join the movement.

Write to us at and support participatory conservation and coral reef restoration by adopting a coral. o


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