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Don Juan: A Day on the Water

The Unforgettable Boat Excursions from La Coralina Island House

If someone offered you the opportunity to combine your love for the ocean, distinguished gourmet delights, and astonishing views all in one, would you take it? May we present to you, a day on Don Juan.

We have combined our passion for gourmet food with the exploration of the stunning Panama Sea to offer a sailing experience like no other, exclusively arranged by La Coralina Island House.

Our boat, Don Juan, is one of the most beautiful mono-hull sailboats that sail the sparkling waters of Bocas del Toro and as our guest, you are able to rent it privately in order to fully enjoy all of its features.

Let our experienced Capitan guide you to the area’s most famous locations and as you relax in awe of the striking Caribbean vistas.

You will also have the chance to experience our knowledgeable crew providing bar service, alongside our chef who will create scrumptious treats for the journey in this Private Luxury Sailing Experience.

But believe it or not, that is not all.

We ensure that this experience is enjoyed by everyone: the most peaceful and contemplative ones, and also the most adventurous:

Snorkeling and swimming in the clear blue water are both permitted and encouraged on these unique islands and we will provide you with the best equipment for the excursion.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience, tailored by us, from Bocas with love.


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