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Living in Harmony with Nature: Our Sustainable Philosophy

In our commitment to embrace a sustainable and environmentally respectful philosophy, some time ago at La Coralina, we decided to stop cutting flowers from the local vegetation for our floral arrangements. As our guests might know, every detail of the hotel is meticulously cared for, and with it, the interior design is always adorned with small fragments of our abundant vegetation. But we recently decided to upgrade this practice, using potted plants in the rooms, restaurants, and all the other spaces, not only to preserve the local flora but to foster the coexistence of a vibrant and diverse ecosystem within our gardens.

A Botanical Paradise in Every Corner

All our guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a miniature botanical garden, filled with an astonishing variety of plants. From the lush multiple palms to the delicate fragrance of Ylan Ylan, each plant has been carefully selected to create a harmonious and ecological environment.

Beyond Decoration

The hotel boasts an impressive collection of palms, including the Phoenix Palm, the Carpenteria Palm, and the majestic Bismarck Palm. These palms add a touch of tropical elegance while serving as habitats for various bird species and small mammals. Our gardens burst with colors thanks to the presence of plants like Veranera, Heliconia, and Flamboyán. Flowers beautify the landscape, at the same time, they attract pollinators such as butterflies and bees, which are essential for maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Herbs, plants, and a huge natural diversity pervade our space inside and out. However, naming them all would be endless, as more than 50 species of trees, shrubs, and flowers coexist in our habitat, with over 11,000 units of all of them in our precious gardens.

The Benefits of a Sustainable Philosophy: A Celebration of Nature

The decision to stop using flower arrangements and instead use potted plants has multiple benefits. Firstly, it allows the plants to follow their natural cycle of flowering and reproduction, which is crucial for local biodiversity. Additionally, this practice reduces the environmental impact associated with flower collection and promotes a healthier environment for local wildlife.

A Commitment to the Future

By adopting this sustainable practice, we aim not only to preserve the natural beauty of Bocas del Toro but also to demonstrate that it is possible to offer a luxurious and comfortable experience without compromising the health of our planet. We are always growing, and so are our gardens.



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