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Presenting our 2024 Retreat Agenda

A new year unfolds, bringing with it our cherished agenda: the retreats to be hosted at La Coralina Island House throughout the coming year.

Since we embraced the inclusion of retreats as integral parts of our offerings, we've witnessed a profound impact and growth. An increasing number of individuals are opting for moments of re-connection, and the results, as well as the communities that have emerged, have guided us to meticulously select the moments and experiences we aspire to continue sharing. Hence, with pride, we present our meticulously curated schedule of retreats, undoubtedly the luminaries of 2023.

The annual agenda starts with a ceremonial retreat, saying welcome with honor to this year to come: Cacao Blessing. This late january retreat explores the myriad uses and benefits of the ancestral cocoa ritual, gracefully starting our cycle of retreats.

From February to March, we welcome again to Elemental Goddess, a sanctuary for women desiring a connection with their inner goddess. The ethereal delicacy and femininity of this retreat have transformed these gatherings into enchanting spaces.

April spotlights Sensefulness, offering two different dates for those who revel in experiences that engage all their senses. This retreat fosters a harmonious integration of sight, touch, listening, taste, and smell, among other sensations.

May embraces ancestral healing movements through our Family Constellations Retreat, a phenomenon in 2023 that we aim to expand, cultivating understanding along with a transformative space.

In August, the healing sounds of Dum Spiro take center stage, inviting participants to a journey of metamorphosis through sound, frequencies, and breath.

September beckons with the guiding stars of our highly acclaimed Experimental Astrology retreat, an invitation to introspection and an exploration of the celestial map within.

For those who missed the earlier dates of the Family Constellations retreat due to overwhelming demand, this annual agenda culminates with its second edition in October

To reserve your space and for more information, we await your message at



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