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Supporting Local: Engaging with Bocas Communities and Making a Positive Impact

In the vibrant archipelago of Bocas del Toro, nestled within the azure waters of Panama, lies a tapestry of communities brimming with culture. Amidst the lush rainforests and crystalline shores, nurturing the bonds with local communities seems as wonderful as Bocas views and marvels to us. It is a heartfelt commitment to preserving the spirit and vitality of these unique locales.

From the bustling streets of Bocas Town to the tranquil villages tucked away in the islands' embrace, each corner beckons with stories waiting to be discovered and shared.

We feel the duty as long as the honor to be the custodians of its rich heritage. Whether savoring freshly local seafood at our seaside restaurant or taking our visitors to local-based and curated activities, everything becomes a thread woven into the fabric of community empowerment.

Medicinal Plants and Natural Dyes: One of our many but distinguished activities in connection with locals

This exceptional tour is a rich exploration of culture and indigenous medicine.

The excursion first starts with a boat ride to San Cristobal and arrives at a local community. From here the women of the tribe will take you for a walk through the forest to show the variety of plants they use to cure disease and treat ailments. After the walk, they explain step by step the making of traditional hand-woven bags and teach about the plants they use to dye the fibers. We also offer the chance to take part in the process along with a homemade lunch served by true locals. This tour is one of our  “not to be missed”.

Choosing to engage

By choosing to engage, we become catalysts for positive change, igniting a ripple effect of prosperity that reverberates through every aspect of community life, which has a core purpose: a true sense of connection, belonging, and recognition of them. It is about celebrating the uniqueness of each community, honoring its traditions, and nurturing its dreams.

Positive Impacts do not end there

By sourcing products and services locally, we reduce our ecological footprint, safeguarding the pristine beauty of the archipelago for generations to come. An affirmation of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

We believe in co-creating a future where every member of the community can flourish. It is a journey of discovery, compassion, and collective empowerment. If you, like us, feel that this is the way toward a more bright and humane future, we invite you to take a glimpse of it combined with a peaceful and elegant approach at La Coralina Island House.



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