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Exploring the Ancient Tradition of Cacao Blessings at La Coralina:

A unique opportunity for deep healing, introspection, and goal setting.

The Cacao Blessing Ceremony is a sacred ancient ritual to honor the elements and spirits of nature, creating a harmonious matrix with all living beings while expressing gratitude for life itself. It is also well known for its heart-opening properties and also its mood-boosting effects, so it can be quite a lively and euphoric experience.

An ancient and meaningful experience It originally served as a religious ritual for the ancient Native Mesoamerican cultures. The ceremony compliments the potential of cacao as a gateway to explore and touch the depth of our souls. Embracing such profoundness works as a guide to create a finer healing ability and remembrance.

Setting your intention

The intention sets the tone of your cacao ritual ceremony. Although this is a very private space and nobody will interfere with your intention, some questions you might find interesting are: Why am I sitting in this ceremony? What aspect do I wish to explore? In what area do I wish to receive clarity, ease, and joy?

The offerings: a key and important part of the ceremony.

The offerings play an important role in the ritual since, like almost everything in life, it is crucial to find balance in the giving and receiving to vibrate in harmony. The offerings are delivered to the spirits in the form of gratitude for the gifts they give us. Isn’t it beautiful?

There is truly much more to explore and share on this incredible ancient practice, but at La Coralina Island House we strongly believe in the power of experience, and encourage everybody to experience it themselves.

We invite you to join us at the next Cacao Blessing Ceremony sharing a cared and respected environment with professional practitioners in a place surrounded by marvelous healing nature.



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